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The course “From PhD to Entrepreneur | Latam Workshop 2019” will take place at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo (IP Montevideo) from March 13th to 15th, 2019. It will feature lectures, roundtables and workshop sessions for 20 selected participants interested in further developing their business skills.

The program is available here.

Participants must present a project or a preliminary idea to work on, and may apply individually or in teams. However, each team member needs to fill out the application form.

Participants are expected to pitch their idea on the first day of the course to the rest of the audience, and will work on it at the end of each day at the workshop sessions. On the last day, they will pitch again to show the progress of their idea.

Lectures and roundtables will also be open to the public (for example, researchers without a project). However, there are limited places available and registration is mandatory. Registration for the open lectures and roundtables will be “first come, first served” until all places are filled.

Please use the following form to register to the course (lectures, roundtables and workshop) or the open lectures and roundtables.

Deadline for applications: February 15th, 2019


It is aimed to give an introduction to prospective new leaders in life science/healthcare (LS/HC) on how to manage new start-up projects with the potential to impact human healthcare.

As part of this course we will have roundtables to discuss on how other countries promote entrepreneurship, and especially how researchers can approach these opportunities and combine it with their regular research.

Overall, this course will give participants the basic knowledge to create a high-potential, for profit science-based commercial enterprise. They may use the skill-set they will learn to start a company; join a startup team or to innovate within a large company (intrapreneurship).

Target audience:

Anyone from academia or institutional research centers including students, post docs, residents, faculty and staff from MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay), Chile and from the International Pasteur Institut Network. The lectures will be leveled for participants with no formal business background.

International speakers:

The guest lecturers will include recognized entrepreneurs, consultants and experts from various renowned national and international institutions. Some of the confirmed speakers are:





  • Pablo Valenzuela (Fundación Ciencia & Vida)
  • Bernardita Méndez (Fundación Ciencia & Vida)

The course:

The course will give the possibility to 20 participants with an innovative project/idea to assist to lectures and to take part in a business workshop. Selected participants will pitch their project during the course, and will be able to develop their innovative project or idea in two closed sessions with the guest lecturers that will provide insights on how to build a business case.

Participants will learn how to assess a concept or product, an innovation, in the framework of a business opportunity. They will learn how to develop an idea, evaluate its market appeal (medical need, product/market fit) and identify the key elements of a successful venture.

On completion, they will understand the various ways to protect the innovation, know how to build a business plan, what is required to access capital and to find investors for an early stage company. Through roundtables with experts and cases studies they will experience the entrepreneurial mindset, solve problems, change plans as they gain more information and develop a network of connections.

Accommodations for participants from abroad (outside Uruguay):

The course will cover accommodation and transfer (from the hotel to IP Montevideo and back) for participants coming from abroad. Air plane tickets must be covered by the participants.


The course will include lunches for the 20 selected participants.



Please use the following form to register to the course or the open lectures:

Deadline: February 15th, 2019.


Preliminary program (course)

Day 1 (Half a day)

  • First pitch (selected participants will present to the audience, open to the public)
  • Open Lecture: The innovation process
  • Open Lecture: What’s a startup?
  • Workshop: Refine pitch

Day 2 (Full day)

  • Open Lecture: How to protect your idea: Patenting process
  • Open Lecture: How France encourages entrepreneurship
  • Open Lecture: How South America encourages entrepreneurship
  • Open Testimonials: Success entrepreneurship stories
  • Open Roundtable: How to become an entrepreneur
  • Workshop: Business case work

Day 3 (Full day)

  • Final pitch (selected participants will present to the audience, open to the public)
  • Open Lecture: How to launch a national Uruguayan innovation system
  • Open Roundtable: Innovation in Uruguay
Organizers:  IP Montevideo (Uruguay), IP Paris (France), CITES (Argentina), Pedeciba (Uruguay), Science and Technology National Secretary (Uruguay)
Supported by: Fondo para la Convergencia Estructural del MERCOSUR (FOCEM)