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Technology Transfer Projects

The mission of Technology Transfer is to promote the commercial development of IP Montevideo’s technologies into products to benefit the public, while providing resources to the Institute to support its research programs. The TTU also facilitates research collaborations between researchers and industry on projects of mutual interest.

Our main focus is in the development of biologics as drugs to treat cancer, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases where several patents have been filed. Other areas of exploitation of research results are in animal health, medical diagnostics and devices. A key partnership with the School of Sciences in the collaborative network of the Patents and Technology Transfer Unit helps researchers in finding how innovative aspects of their research could become patentable results.

The Office actively seeks commercial partners to develop IP Montevideo’s technologies, and works to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

IP Montevideo actively promotes entrepreneurship with its new Bioincubator. To encourage the seeding of new companies, the Unit oversees a specific Support Fund (ANII’s PAFE Program) to provide bridge funding for commercially promising technologies.

The Unit also participates in a course on Creation and Management of start-ups a joint teaching experience with School of Sciences (University of the Republic) and the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce. Its goal is to provide guidance in business plan and venture development to graduate science students, to complement their scientific education.

TTU also works very strongly in donations from national and international donors.

We encourage companies, venture investors, and entrepreneurs to contact us to explore how we can work together developing new technologies and creating new ventures to benefit the public and promote economic development.