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Creation of the Centre for Translational Immunology

Internationally recognized as a Centre of Excellence FOCIS (Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies).

Inflammation is a response that favours the body’s immunity and therefore a desirable defence mechanism. However, it is currently known that many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, transplant rejection and the autoimmune disease itself have an inflammatory basis. That is, they are the result of an over-reaction of the immune system. This insight has stimulated the development of new strategies worldwide to attack these diseases from a new perspective.

Uruguay has recently created its first Centre for Translational Immunology (CIT) composed of a network of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine (Universidad de la República) and the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. The CIT focuses on immunotherapies and has been created with the following objectives:

  • Study therapies that are currently being used in patients.
  • Develop new treatments that in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies may reach clinical evaluation.
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate training for clinical physicians and researchers.

Belonging to the network of FOCIS research centres is an acknowledgment of the high research quality being carried out in Uruguay and an opportunity to forge closer ties of collaboration with the best centres at an international level. This has allowed the participation of Dr. Anegon in the first seminar recently organized by CIT-FOCIS in the framework of the Biomedicine and Human Health Research Seminars held at the Hospital de Clínicas (Universidad de la República). Dr. Anegon has a widely recognized career in immunology having served as Director of the Immunology Unit of INSERM – the National Institute of Health and Medical Research of France that specializes in transplantation.

The CIT steering committee is comprised of:

Dr. Carlos Batthyány, lead researcher of the Vascular Biology and Drug Design Laboratory of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo engaged in the development of new anti-inflammatory drugs. CMO and founder of Eolo Pharma.

Dr. Ernesto Cairoli, Professor at the Hospital de Clínicas (Universidad de la República). Clinical investigator who works in autoimmunity and Director of the Reference Centre for Autoimmune Diseases of Hospital de Clínicas (Udelar). Dr. Cairoli has generated original knowledge about treatments used in autoimmune patients.

Dr. Carlos Escande, lead researcher of the Metabolism Pathologies Laboratory of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. CSO and founder of Eolo Pharma. Dr. Escande specializes in the study of obesity and related metabolic disorders.

Dr. Marcelo Hill, Professor of the Immunobiology Dept. of the Faculty of Medicine (Udelar). Lead researcher of the Immunoregulation and Inflammation Laboratory of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. His laboratory is developing drugs that block emerging immune control points in cancer.

Dr. Pablo Oppezzo, lead researcher of the Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Laboratory of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. Dr. Oppezzo’s group studies different aspects related to the progression of this malignant hematopathology.

Dr. Magdalena Schelotto, Pediatrician of the Services of Hemato-oncology and Pediatric Immunology of the Pereira Rossell Hospital Center.