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We share good news and congratulate the entire UATE team!

The TurnKey Team of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding staff working in laboratory animal research. This award acknowledges the important role of teamwork in the operation of a facility, humane care of research animals, and the impact on research outcomes. The won the 2017 TurnKey Team of the Year Award.

This year, the TurnKey Awards Committee awarded the 2017 TurnKey Team of the Year award to the Gnotobiotic Research Animal Facility (GRAF) Team at the University of Chicago and chose to acknowledge the achievements of the Transgenic and Experimental Animal Unit (UATE) at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, with Special Recognition in the Team of the Year category.

The Special Recognition is due to the fact that the UATE team is a young animal facility integrated integrated by highly motivated and engaged human resources that in a very short time has developed extraordinary abilities in the field of animal transgenics and experimentation. In addition, it was highlighted that the team collaborates very actively with several local, regional and international research laboratories and provides R&D services to companies working on animal and human health.