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Cell Biology of Neural Development


  • Dr. Flavio Zolessi (Head) CVUy
  • Mag. Gonzalo Aparicio (Doctoral Student)
  • Lic. Camila Davison (Graduate Student)
  • Lic. Magela Rodao (Graduate Student)





In vertebrates, the central nervous system neurons arise from an extremely ordered tissue, the neuroepithelium. Our group is interested in understanding the mechanisms that underlie neuroepithelial differentiation (during neurulation) and neuronal differentiation, focusing in the roles and transitions of cell polarity during these processes. For this, we use both zebrafish and chick embryos. The zebrafish has great advantages for these studies, such as the accessibility to genetic manipulation and the unique optical transparency of embryos.



  1. Course on Processing and Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images (PAFMI), Uruguay. Organizers: F. Zolessi, F. Lecumberry, P. Aguilar. 29/02-11/03/2016.
  2. IV Course and Symposium on Development and Plasticity of the Nervous System. Montevideo, Uruguay. Organizers: F. Zolessi, M. Brauer (IIBCE), F. Rossi (UdelaR). 06/10-08/11/2014.
  3. ICY Training Course –Program (Internal IP Montevideo training course). Instructor: A. Dufour (IP Paris). Organizers: F. Zolessi, P. Aguilar, F. Lecumberry.15-17/12/2014.


  1. Antonella Alba, Antonella Arrieta, Lucía Veloz. PAIE-CSIC 2016. Director: F. Zolessi; Co-director: G. Aparicio.
  2. María Eugenia Cruces. Undergraduate Thesis in Biology. Director: Mercedes González; Co-director: F. Zolessi. Training on Fish Embryo Toxicity (FET) test for potential therapeutical compounds using zebrafish (2014-2015).


  1. Symposium on Genome Editing, XVI Congreso Latinoamericano de Genética (ALAG 2016). Co-organized by F. Zolessi and G. Bedó. Montevideo, Uruguay. 9-12/10/2016.
  2. XV Jornadas de la Sociedad Uruguaya de Biociencias (SUB). Piriápolis, Uruguay. 5-7/09. President: F. Zolessi.


  1. Brain Awareness Week, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  2. Semanacyt (Science and Technology Week). Uruguay.
  3. Facultad de Ciencias (UdelaR) Open Doors Day.
  4. Institut Pasteur de Montevideo Open Doors Day.


  1. FCE_1_2014_1_104160 – ANII, Uruguay. F. Zolessi.


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