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Metabolic Diseases and Aging


  • Carlos Escande, PhD – (Head)
  • Paola Contreras, PhD – (Research Associate)
  • Mariana Bresque, MSc – (Reasearch Assistant) – PhD Student
  • Natalia Bobba, BSc – (Research Assitant) – MSc Student
  • Adriana Carlomagno, MD – MSc Student
  • Rosina DapuetoMSc – PhD Student
  • Pía Garat – Undergraduate Student




The Metabolic Diseases and Aging Laboratory research is focused on studying the role of a family of protein called Sirtuins in the control of metabolism and metabolic diseases. Sirtuins are NAD+-dependent protein deacylases with a critical role in metabolism, genome stability and cancer. We try to understand how sirtuins are regulated, and how changes in metabolism affect their function.

Specifically, we are focusing in the following projetcts:

  • Role of DBC1, a negative SIRT1 regulator, in the development of insulin resistance and type II diabetes
  • Potencial involvement of SIRT6 in obesity-driven inflammation and celular senescence in fat tissue.
  • Development of new CD38 inhibitors for the treatment of metabolic diseases.

DBC1 as a novel regulator of cardiovascular function.


Participation in Conferences as Invited Speaker

  • International Symposium on Mitochondria and Cell Metabolism” July, 2014. Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Regional symposium “Diabetes, from basics to the clinic” June, 2014, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • SUB (Uruguayan Society of Biosciences) Anual meeting, October, 2014
  • SAIC (Argentine Society of Clnical Investigation) anual meeting, November, 2014


  1. INNOVA – ANII– Young leaders grant.


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