Local research linked to medical practice, focus of the institute agreement with Maciel Hospital

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On Thursday, June 20, The Institut Pasteur of Montevideo and the Maciel Hospital signed a cooperation agreement in areas of common interest, to promote training of human resources, to bring together research carried out locally with clinical practice, and to organize periodic scientific seminars to disseminate scientific works conducted by researchers of both institution.

Attending the ceremony were the director of Maciel Hospital Dr. Alvaro Villar; Dr. Antonio Galiana, head of the Infection Diagnostic and Control Unit (UDYCI), and Dr. Fabio Grill, head of the Infectious Diseases and Control of nosocomial infection unit; and Dr. Carlos Batthyány and Dr. Otto Pritsch, executive director and academic director of the IP Montevideo, respectively.

Four priority areas

The agreement establishes that the institutions will design joint projects and work under the structure of Mixed Units integrated by representatives of both institutions. These projects will cover four key areas: microbiology; oncology and hemato-oncology; cardio-metabolism, and neurotrauma and neurodegeneration.

Both institutions are already developing joint projects, especially a long collaboration in hemato-oncology, but they are committed to strengthening the link. Collaborations already underway involve IP Montevideo labs that are work in oncology with doctors from Maciel Hospital. As part of one of these projects, an area of ​​medical genomics will be inaugurated soon at the Maciel Hospital with the support of researchers from the institute.

Another joint research focused on intestinal microbiota and antimicrobial resistance. This work is carried out to help with the early detection of infectious diseases outbreaks, their causative agents, dissemination routs and determination of antimicrobial resistance profiles.

Disseminating knowledge

The agreement also establishes that the IP Montevideo will collaborate with the hospital in the design and organization of seminars or scientific conferences inspired by the institut’s Research Seminars series, an experience that has been carried out every Thursday for several years. From March to November, each week for one hour, this series has been consolidated as a traditional space where scientists —from within the institute or other local or international scientific centers— as well as professionals in science-related fields present their work.

As part of the agreement, the aim is to create a similar series at the Maciel Hospital that allows students, tutors and researchers to share their work in the areas defined in the agreement.

The first meeting —date and time soon to be confirmed— will present the results of the clinical, genomic and bioinformatic analysis that allowed the characterization of an outbreak of bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics at the Maciel Hospital.