Researchers from IP Montevideo received a Latin American award

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Joaquín and Javier Hurtado, Gonzalo Grief y Carlos Robello are part of the group that won the award.

A research carried out by researchers from the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo, the Spanish Hospital in Montevideo, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Republic and the Honorary Commission for Antituberculosis Control, won the second Latin American Award on Pneumology, an prize given annually by the Uruguayan Academy of Medicine.

The first prize corresponded to the research entitled “Role of ᾳ glucans in the capsule of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the induction of respiratory burst in cells of the immune system”, conducted by María Mercedes Romero, Viviana Ritacco, Beatriz Lopez and Mercedes Alemán, from Argentina .

Second place went to the study “Prognostic and genotypic factors of patients with severe tuberculosis in intensive care”, whose authors are Nicolás Nin, Javier Hurtado, María Buroni, Álvaro Giordano, Gonzalo Greif, Carlos Robello, Cecilia Coitinho, Fernando Rodríguez, Ana María Vilas and Joaquin Hurtado. Grief, Robello and Joaquín Hurtado are part of the Molecular Biology Unit of IP Montevideo.

The prize consists of $ 3,000 divided by 70% for the first place and 30% for the second. The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at the Presidency of the Republic hall.