The new IP Montevideo Board of Directors inaugurated its term

>, News>The new IP Montevideo Board of Directors inaugurated its term

On Friday, December 14, 2018, the new Board of Directors of the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo formally assumed its functions. It is led by Carlos Battyány as Executive Director, Otto Pritsch as Academic Director, and Alicia Bentancor as Director of Administration and Finance.

At the ceremony, the outgoing executive director, Luis Barbeito, presented the achievements and results of his eight years of management, and received a warm tribute.

Guillermo Dighiero, first executive director of IP Montevideo, and Ricardo Ehrlich, president of the Administrative Council, highlighted the role of Luis at the head of the institute.

Alicia Bentancor and Otto Pritsch also stressed that, as part of the new Board of Directors, they will seek to continue and strengthen the collaborative and integrating work the was driven by Barbeito.

Carlos Batthyany thanks the support and guidance of Barbeito and, as the new director of IP Montevideo, presented the guidelines for his new direction. Among other plans, he talked about the role that the Academic Council will play in supporting the design of a strategy for the future development of the institute.

“Within four years I would like the IP Montevideo to be recognized as an ‘Institute of people’, based on its scientific and human integrity, with a ‘Pasteur conscience'”, concluded Batthyany.