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Mention on the National Energy Efficiency Award

The National Energy Efficiency Award is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), which aims to recognize those projects at national level that are aimed at energy efficiency.
The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo received a Mention thanks to the work carried out by the maintenance team that implemented an important measure to reduce the consumption of hot water, incorporating efficient technology in the heating of water which allowed to reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficiency measures in the last 3 years
In 2015, ESCO SEG Ingeniería carried out an energy audit in which different opportunities for improvement were detected. The measures implemented were:

  • Efficient lighting: replacement of different equipment (T8 tubes, HPTI lamps, etc.) by LED equipment.
  • Condensing boiler: replacement of the previous boiler by a condensing boiler that allows the exchange between hot fumes and cold water. This way, it was also possible to reduce the temperature of the fumes until the water vapor condense. In turn, the working temperature of the boiler could be lowered.
  • Training: the institute has a personnel training policy and in the last 2 years different trainings related to energy have been carried out.

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