Boosting biotecnology cooperation: IP Montevideo-AUGM agreement

>>>Boosting biotecnology cooperation: IP Montevideo-AUGM agreement

The Institut Pasteur of Montevideo (IP Montevideo) and the Association of Universities of the Montevideo Group (AUGM) agreed to promote a regional mechanism to increase and improve coordination in the field of science and technology, in particular biotechnology, with the participation of universities, governments, companies and social organizations.

The agreement was signed on Friday, June 1 (2018), in the Rector’s Office of the University of the Republic (Udelar, Uruguay) as a corollary of a series of approaches that began in 2017 with the participation of the French Cooperation for Latin America.

Luis Barbeito, executive director of IP Montevideo, the rector of Udelar Roberto Markarian —also president of AUGM—, and Gerónimo Laviosa, vice president of AUGM, signed the agreement. The ceremony was also attended by Ricardo Ehrlich, president of the Board of Directors of the IP Montevideo; Leatitia Quilichini, regional cooperation partner of the Embassy of France; Marien Christine Charlieu, counselor of cooperation and cultural action of the same institution, and Álvaro Maglia, executive secretary of AUGM.

According to Barbeito, the agreement “actively helps the internationalization of training and scientific activities” because the three institutions [IP Montevideo, French Cooperation and AUGM] are working together on specific activities.

As an institution dedicated to international level science in the field of biology and biomedicine, articulating basic research and applications and the training of human resources, the IP Montevideo organises 8 to 10 highly specialized courses aimed to doctoral and post-doctorate students. “There is a quota of AUGM in these courses,” said Barbeito.

Laviosa, vice president of AUGM, said that the agreement “allows strengthening the relationship” between the Montevideo Group institutions, especially “considering the strategic objectives of AUGM, specially its interest in boosting cooperative and solidary research work among all the universities”.

IP Montevideo and the Board [of AUGM made the effort to sign this agreement to continue working and strengthening its role as an academic research space of great value for our Latin American society, said Laviosa.

Markarian, as president of AUGM, also explained that through this cooperation agreement, the IP Montevideo has access to a network of Higher Education institutions in the region. “Such is the case that the responsible for Latin America of the French Cooperation [Leatitia Quilichin] told us that since this agreement, they opened the participation of Bolivia in various Cooperation programs through the links of the Universities of La Paz, who is member of AUGM,” he concluded.

Photo: Richard Paiva / Udelar