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>>>>Signal Processing Lab

The Signal Processing Laboratory is an interdisciplinary group focused on research in signal processing and biomedical imaging with special interest in microscopy. It is also dedicated to the training of life science researchers in image processing in order to establish a common language and a critical vision in these techniques.

The signal processing offers an objective approach that allows to automatize and systematize the analysis of data generated by the wide spectrum of techniques and equipment used in the IP Montevideo, from the quantification of microscopy images to genomic sequence data. An interdisciplinary approach permits developing methodologies and algorithms that incorporate knowledge of different disciplines in all stages of research.

This is a joint group with members of the Signal Processing Department of the Faculty of Engineering (Udelar) and the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo.

Federico Lecumberry, PhD, Eng

Associated professor at the Signal Processing Department of the Faculty of Engineering (Udelar)

Martín Etchart, 

Electrical Engineer, MSc student

Mauricio Ramos

Undergraduate student in Electrical Engineer

Alfredo Solari

Undergraduate student in Electrical Engineer

Daniel Soria

Undergraduate student in Electrical Engineer
  • Processing of biomedical images
    We work on the development and integration of algorithms and tools for the quantification and analysis of images from various sources of imaging in biomedicine: optical microscopy, fluorescence, electronics, or in-vivo imaging system. Some of our lines of research and applications are: detection and long quantification and fluorescence of primary cilia, detection of parasites and calculation of infection index, monitoring of neutrophil trajectories, quantification of fluorescence dynamics in different cell and tissue treatments, reconstruction of structures three-dimensional, among others. At the Microscopy Unit of IP Montevideo, we collaborate with researchers from various groups within the institute and with researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de la República.

  • Signal processing applied to bioinformatics
    Analysis of genomic data and application of automatic learning methods to the analysis and visualization of the evolution of viruses or the identification of proteins with fusogenic capacity. We work in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Unit (IP Montevideo) and the Institute of Mathematics of the Faculty of Engineering (Udelar).

  • Postgraduate course “Processing of Images for Biology and Medicine” (PIMBIO).Faculty of Engineering; July 2016 and November 2017. Organizer: Signal Processing Department. Responsible: Federico Lecumberry.

  • Regional and postgraduate course “Processing and Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images”. Institut Pasteur de Montevideo; March 2016. Organizer: Microscopy Unit (IP Montevideo).

  • Tutorial “Bases for the Processing and Analysis of Images”. Institut Pasteur de Montevideo; November 2017. Organizer: Signal Processing Laboratory.

  • 2015 – present – Design of biosensors for simultaneous monitoring of redox signaling and cAMP: From the computer to the cell and back to the computer.

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