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The Microscopy Unit has equipment for performing fluorescence and confocal microscopy. These microscopes are available to all researchers in the public or private sector who wish to view and take pictures of fluorescent or confocal microscopy.

Our service is dedicated to analyse and process images as well as to provide technical advice. We have high quality equipment that allow us to obtain high-resolution images of biological and non-biological materials.

MSc Marcela Díaz


Tabaré de los Campos

  • Olympus IX81 conventional epifluorescence microscope

  • Zeiss LSM 800CyAn ™ ADP semi-spectral confocal laser scanning microscope (Beckman Coulter)

  • Zeiss LSM 880 spectral confocal laser scanning microscope (as of September 2018)

The Unit offers::

  • Data acquisition using confocal laser scanning microscopy

  • Data acquisition using conventional epifluorescence microscopy

  • Image processing and analysis, with emphasis on fluorescence microscopy

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