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We announce the call for candidates interested in carrying out their postgraduate thesis in the Tumor Immunology and Glicobiology Lab of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo and the Immunology Department of the Faculty of Medicine (Universidad de la República), within the framework of the project: “Cancer immunotherapy using parasite molecules”, tutored by Dr. Eduardo Osinaga, Professor of the Immunobiology Department of the Faculty of Medicine, UdelaR and Principal Investigador of the Tumor Immunology and Glicobiology Lab of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo.
This call is mainly directed to graduates with a degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, or Medicine.
The project in which this scholarship is framed tries to be a qualitative contribution for the therapeutic vaccine development against cancer based on parasites. Mainly we will explore the capacity to combine the strategy of vaccination with molecules of parasitic origin with the treatments with antibodies that regulate checkpoints of the immune response looking to increase the population of patients who respond to this immunotherapy.
The experimental activity will be centered in evaluating the association of parasitic molecules with antibodies checkpoints modulators. This evaluation will be carried out in different types from tumorlike models, characterizing the developed immune response. The main techniques that will be used during the development of this thesis will be: cellular Biology (culture of parasites Trypanosoma cruzi, culture of human and murine cell lines, and flow cytometry), animal models (lung cancer, melanoma and prostate murine models) and molecular biology techniques (Western blot, Elisa, RT-PCR, protein purification, etc).
The position requires a minimum of 30 weekly hours exclusively dedicated to the investigation. A remuneration equivalent to a posgraduate scholarship is anticipated for at least two years, which will be financed by ANII from 1º of March of 2018.
To apply send letter of motivation (maximum 250 words), curriculum vitae and grades of graduate degree to Deadline for receipt of applications expires March 12th, 2018.
All queries regarding this call can be directed to

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