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Modelos celulares y animales para el descubrimiento de fármacos – 16 al 27 de Octubre 2017

ICGEB Course: Cell and animal models for drug discovery – 16-27 October , 2017


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If you are interested to register for the theoretical lectures:

Please send an email to:

Before September 30

Hurry up, since we have limited number of vacancies

International speakers:

  • Alan DICKSON. The University of Manchester / UK.
  • Paula MARQUES ALVES Animal Cell Technology Unit, IBET/ITQB-UNL / Portugal
  • Hansjörg HAUSER Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) / Germany
  • Michel COHEN-TANNOUDJI CNRS URA 2578 – Institut Pasteur Paris / France
  • Andre Kleensang Johns Hopkins University/ USA
  • David SHUM Institut Pasteur Korea/ Rep. of Korea
  • Shahragim TAJBAKHSH Institut Pasteur Paris / France
  • Eberhard KRAUSS ChemBioCon / Belgium
  • Uwe MARX. TissUse GmbH / Germany
  • Heinz RUFFNER. Novartis / Switzerland

Local Staff (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)

  • Mariela BOLLATI (Cell Biology Unit)
  • Marcelo COMINI (Redox Biology of Trypanosomes)
  • Martina CRISPO (Transgenic Animal Unit)
  • Hugo PELUFFO (Neuroinflammation and Gene Therapy)
  • Gustavo SALINAS (C. elegans Lab)
  • Emiliano TRIAS (Neurodegeneration)
  • Flavio ZOLESSI (Zebra fish Lab)

Practical activities instructors

  • Arévalo Ana Paula
  • Benítez Diego
  • Daghero Hellen
  • Franco Jaime
  • Pagotto Romina
  • Perelmuter Karen
  • Piattoni Vanesa
  • Sardi Florencia
  • Victoria Sabina
  • Aparicio Gonzalo
  • Risi Gastón
  • Romanelli Laura

Detailed program