Modeling and data analysis for the Healthy Human Global project-Research camp

The Research Camp will gather a selected group of world leading experts in immunology, microbiology, virology, genetics and modeling, coming from the Principal Investigators behind the Healthy Human Global project as well as from the future potential partners of the project.

The Healthy Human Global (HHG) project aims at the deep phenotyping of the world’s population. The HHG project is a globalization of the Milieu Interieur project coordinated by Institut Pasteur in Paris. The HHG projects aims at understanding the global variation of a normal immune response and an understanding of the interaction with different pathogens.

The MISP 2015 will kick-start and boost the modeling and data analysis needed to fulfill the ambitious goals of the HHG project. MISP2015 brings together cutting edge researchers that together will work on unique data generated within the Milieu Interieur Project as well as different new virus evolution data with the aim of producing valuable resource knowledge for the entire community. All outcomes will be openly disseminated and published.

More information available at: www.mispcamp.org

Supported by: Reseau International des Instituts Pasteur (RIIP), INDA, ANII, Milieu Interieur Consortium, and Institut Pasteur de Montevideo.