Every single one of their stories sounds similar and

>>Every single one of their stories sounds similar and

There is no one to blame for that except the players themselves.Roger Goodell is Zeus and he is throwing down lightning bolts on anyone who he deems is embarrassing the league in any shape, form, or fashion.While I feel that unless someone is convicted of a crime they should not be punished by any league, the NFL has set up a system in which just being in trouble is enough to get you suspended (see: Pacman Jones).This was not a first offense for Roethlisberger; he has shown a history of irresponsible behavior going all the way back to driving a motorcycle without a helmet or a license.The thing that is troubling to me about the sexual allegations is that when you go through the police report and all the news stories, there are a total of four women who have made claims against Roethlisberger.Every single one of their stories sounds similar and these women have no way of knowing each other. In the court of public opinion, that leads people to believe that at best Roethlisberger has almost no social grooming in regard to his treatment of women, and at worst he is a sexual predator; both are not what you want out of a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback.It should be noted that three of the women never went to the police and the last accuser decided she didn’t want to cooperate.If anything, Goodell was a little on the light side with the punishment. I believe the only thing that saved him from a yearlong suspension is that none of the women pursued the allegations farther except for the woman who is currently https://www.sellnhlnfl.com seeking civil damages against him.The punishment, under the current rules that the NFLPA collectively bargained for, does fit the crime.

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