Carlos Batthyány

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Carlos Batthyány, PhD, MD
Carlos Batthyány, PhD, MD

Vascular Biology and Drug Development

  • Posdoctoral Researcher, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, School of Medicine, Pittsburgh University, Pittsburgh, PA, EEUU. Area of research: drug development for inflammation-related diseases (2006-2007).

  • Posdoctoral fellow, Center for Free Radical Biology, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, EEUU. Area of research: Free Radical Biolog y Inflammatories Mediators (2004-2006).

  • Ph.D in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science (Udelar) and Pedeciba, Uruguay. Disertation: “Inflammatory oxidants and atherosclerosis: role of nitric oxide-derived species” (2005).

  • MSc. in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science (Udelar), Pedeciba, Uruguay. Disertación: “Aminoacid sequence and three-dimensional structure of the T4 specific isolectin B4 of Vicia villosa” (1997).

  • Medical Doctor (MD), Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de la República, Uruguay (1996).

  • Vascular biology

  • Drug development

  • Inflammation-related diseases

  • Pharmacology

  • Transgenesis

  • Atherosclerosis

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