Study of the biophysical properties of cilia related to the regulation of protein transport to the organelle

Matilde Cortabarría


Campus Centro, ORT University

4:30 pm

Full house at “Moulin Rouge” in benefit of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Evaluation of vectors for the production of recombinant proteins in different expression systems

Gabriela Paradeda


Conference room GF (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)

11:30 am

Machine learning strategies for the analysis of electronic clinical records for the early detection of rare diseases

Matías Rolando


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo)

2:00 pm

Structure, stability and interactions of non-vesicular extracellular RNAs

Bruno Costa, BSc


Sala de reuniones, Centro de Investigaciones Nucleares (Facultad de Ciencias, Udelar)

10:00 am

Understanding the structural dynamics of Flaviviruses: towards the identification of the pH-dependent opening mechanism

Martín Soñora, MSc


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo) / Via Zoom

11:00 am

Role of a novel anti-sigma factor in virulence regulation in Leptospires

Joaquín Dalla Rizza, MSc


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo) / Via Zoom

2:00 pm

Pharmacogenetic studies to understand Clozapine and Tacrolimus metabolization in the Uruguayan population

Clara Menéndez


Campus Centro (Universidad ORT Uruguay) / Via Zoom

10:00 am


An approach to nevus-melanoma differentiation through phasor analysis in hyperspectral imaging

Bruno Schuty


Sala Héctor Ferrari (AteneoCUP (Paysandú)

3:00 pm

Further characterisation of GalNAc-T13 as a biomarker in cancer

PHC Eugenia Fernández


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo)

2:00 pm

Regulation of gene expression in trypanosomes

Florencia Díaz Viraqué, MSc


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo)

10:00 am

Molecular mechanisms involved in the directionality of phosphotransfer in the B. subtilis DesK-DesR signalling system

Sofía Lima, BSc


Conference room GF (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo) / Via Zoom

11:00 am


Search for bovine leukosis virus capsid intracellular interactors

MD Natalia Ibañez


Via Zoom

9:00 am

Intracellular communication mediated by exRNA and EVs during stress

Marco Li Calzi, MSc


Via Zoom

11:00 am

Analysis of the transcriptome of ocular squamous cell carcinoma in bovines

Nariné Balemian, MSc


Via Zoom

2:00 pm

Production and characterization of immunogens against bovine leukemia virus

Natalia Olivero, MSc


Via Zoom

2:30 pm