Call 26-23: doctoral thesis applicants for Lab. of Host-Pathogen Interactions – IP Montevideo

Call 27-23: Msc. student – Lab. of Metabolic Diseases and Aging – IP Montevideo

Call 29-23: doctoral thesis applicants for UBI and UMPI

Call 25-23: doctoral thesis applicants for the Lab. of Host-Pathogen Interactions

Call 28-23: Senior Associate Investigator – IP Montevideo

IP Montevideo signs first agreement as partner of a biotech startup

Scientists develop technique that helps and simplifies the detection of melanomas

Initiatives for a ‘greener’ institute


An approach to nevus-melanoma differentiation through phasor analysis in hyperspectral imaging

Bruno Schuty


Sala Héctor Ferrari (AteneoCUP (Paysandú)

3:00 pm

Further characterisation of GalNAc-T13 as a biomarker in cancer

PHC Eugenia Fernández


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo)

2:00 pm

Regulation of gene expression in trypanosomes

Florencia Díaz Viraqué, MSc


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo)

10:00 am

Molecular mechanisms involved in the directionality of phosphotransfer in the B. subtilis DesK-DesR signalling system

Sofía Lima, BSc


Conference room GF (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo) / Via Zoom

11:00 am


Search for bovine leukosis virus capsid intracellular interactors

MD Natalia Ibañez


Via Zoom

9:00 am

Intracellular communication mediated by exRNA and EVs during stress

Marco Li Calzi, MSc


Via Zoom

11:00 am

Analysis of the transcriptome of ocular squamous cell carcinoma in bovines

Nariné Balemian, MSc


Via Zoom

2:00 pm

Production and characterization of immunogens against bovine leukemia virus

Natalia Olivero, MSc


Via Zoom

2:30 pm