Executive Board

Carlos Batthyány

Carlos Batthyány

Excecutive Director (click to read curriculum)

José Badano

José Badano

Academic Director (click to read curriculum)

Alicia Bentancor

Alicia Bentancor

Administrative and Finance Director (click to read curriculum)

Organisational Chart

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Administrative Board

The Board of Directors of IP Montevideo is formed by the participation of representatives of the Executive Power (Poder Ejecutivo), the University of the Republic and the Institut Pasteur de Paris. Each institution participates with four members (two regulars and two alternates).

  • Carlos Steneri, president (Poder Ejecutivo – MEC)

  • Ana Laura Amengual (Poder Ejecutivo – MEF)

  • Mónica Marín (Faculty of Science, University of the Republic)

  • Miguel Martínez (Faculty of Medicine, University of the Republic)

  • Ambassador of France in Uruguay, secretary of the Board (Institut Pasteur de París)

  • Stewart Cole (Institut Pasteur de París)

  • Michael Nilges (Institut Pasteur de París)

  • (alternate) Carlos Steneri (Poder Ejecutivo – MEC)

  • (alternate) Alfonso Cayota (Faculty of Medicine, University of the Republic)

  • (alternate) Beatriz Álvarez (Faculty of Science, University of the Republic)

  • Assistant: Virginia Ron (secretary of the Executive Board, IP Montevideo)

International Scientific Committee
  • Pedro Alzari (Institut Pasteur, Paris)

  • Adrian Krainer (Cold Spring Harbor Lab, USA)

  • Cecilia Fernández (University of the Republic, Uruguay)

  • Samuel Goldenberg (FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro)

  • Alberto Kornblihtt (UBA, Buenos Aires)

  • Felix Rey (Institut Pasteur, Paris)

  • Wilson Savino (FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro)

Research Ethics Committee
  • Luis Barbeito, PhD (coordinator)
  • José Badano, PhD (secretary)
  • PhD Mariela Bollati
  • Hugo Peluffo, PhD
  • Henry Cohen, PhD
  • Paul Arrighi, PhD
  • PhD Eloisa Galarreguy
  • Benedito Rossi, PhD
  • Virginia Ron (assistant)
Ethics of Lab Animal Use Commission
  • Leticia Zarantonelli, PhD
  • Martina Crispo, PhD
  • Álvaro Pittini, PhD
  • Gonzalo Greif, PhD
  • Cecilia Maciel, MSc
  • Camila Ciuffo, DVM
  • Florencia Ruppel, DVM
  • Ana Paula Arévalo, MSc
  • Gabriel Fernández, BSc
  • Prof. Ingrid Krul (civilian member)
  • Macarena Sarroca (assistant)


This committee is responsible for complying and helping to enforce the legal provisions applicable to the use of lab animals in scientific research. It is also responsible for examining the procedures of experimentation, teaching and scientific research carried out in the institute, and to advise and to certify its compatibility with the current legislation.

It also keeps record of the procedures of experimentation, teaching and scientific research of the institution. Once a year, this commission is also responsible of submitting this record to the National Committee of Animal Experimentation (CNEA).

This group is in charge of the staff registry accredited by the CNEA for the use of animals in teaching and scientific research within the institution. Besides, it promotes the national system of accreditations among staff that handle lab animals; and it issues, within the scope of its powers, the necessary certificates to apply to research funding or scientific journals, among others.

In addition, it is responsible to stop experimental activities, teaching and scientific research if a legal provision is violated, until the irregularity is solved, without prejudice to the application of other sanctions.

Academic Coordination
  • Macarena Sarroca (assistant, IP Montevideo)
Heads of Technological Units
  • Mariela Bollati (Cell Biology Unit)
  • Alejandro Buschiazzo (Protein Crystallography Unit)
  • Rosario Durán (Analytical Biochemistry and Proteomics Unit)
  • Martina Crispo (Biotechnology in Laboratory Animals Unit)
  • Hugo Naya (Bioinformatics Unit)
  • Carlos Robello (Molecular Biology Unit)
  • Leonel Malacrida (Advanced Bioimaging Unit)
  • Leticia Zarantonelli (Pasteur+INIA Joint Unit)
  • Agustín Correa (Recombinant Proteins Unit)
Heads of Laboratories
  • Luis Barbeito (Neurodegeneration Laboratory)
  • Alfonso Cayota (Functional Genomics Laboratory)
  • Eduardo Osinaga (Glycobiology and Tumor Immunology Laboratory)
  • José Badano (Molecular and Human Genetics Laboratory)
  • Sergio Pantano (Biomolecular Simulations Laboratory)
  • Marcelo Comini (Redox Biology of Trypanosomes Laboratory)
  • Carlos Escande (Metabolic Diseases and Aging Laboratory)
  • Marcelo Hill (Immunoregulation and Inflammation Laboratory)
  • Gustavo Salinas (Worm Biology Laboratory)
  • Otto Pritsch (Immunovirology Laboratory)
  • Hugo Peluffo (Neuroinflammation and Gene Therapy Laboratory)
  • Carlos Battyány (Vascular Biology and Drug Development Laboratory)
  • Carlos Robello (Host-Pathogen Interactions Laboratory)
  • Pablo Oppezo (Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Research Laboratory)
  • Alejandro Buschiazzo (Structural and Molecular Microbiology Laboratory)
  • Andrés Abin (Biopharmaceutical Development Laboratory)
Heads of G4 Laboratories
  • María Eugenia Francia (Apicomplexan Biology Laboratory)
  • Gregorio Iraola (Microbial Genomics Laboratory)

  • Gonzalo Moratorio (Experimental Evolution of Viruses Laboratory)

  • Nicolás Sarute (Virus-Cell Interactions Laboratory)

Heads of Support Units
  • Carla Morena (Accounting)
  • Victoria Fernández (Finance and Purchases)
  • Guillermo Colman (Finance and Purchases)
  • Virginia Gorrostorrazo (Innovation and Valorization)
  • Vanesa Piattoni (Innovation and Valorization)
  • María Teresa Lamaison (Human Capital)
  • Martín C. Rodríguez (Information Technology)
  • Marcelo Hornos (Maintenance and Service)
  • Mirta González (Lab Material Preparation)
  • Daniela Hirschfeld (Press and Communication)
  • Virginia Ron (Secretary)