Call 05-23: assistant researcher for project development – Pasteur+INIA Joint Unit – IP Montevideo

The Pasteur+INIA Joint Unit (UMPI) of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo is calling for an Associate Researcher for the development of research projects in arthropod gene editing, with emphasis on the bicheroid fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax). Workload 40 hours per week.

Training accomplished

Degree in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and/or Veterinary Medicine with doctoral or postdoctoral training in molecular, cellular, genetic or genomic biology, completed within the last 10 years.

Exceptionally, advanced doctorate holders close to obtaining their degree, or with specific training in this discipline equivalent to a PhD, will be considered.

Proficiency in English, both oral and written.


Strong scientific and relevant production in the area of knowledge is required, with emphasis on international standards.

Background in molecular biology laboratory work: DNA extraction, PCR, in vitro gene editing analysis.

It will be valued to be categorized as a researcher of the SNI (Uruguay), CNPq (Brazil), Conicet (Argentina), similar institutions in other countries or to have an equivalent curriculum.


Research in the development of biotechnological tools in animal health is an essential instrument for understanding and solving current health problems of importance for animal production, mainly parasitic diseases.

The main responsibilities to be carried out by the selected person will be the following:

  • Conduct gene-editing research using CRISPR/Cas in the hoverfly.
    Generate research projects aimed at the development of biotechnological tools for the control of the hoverfly.
  • Interact with other institutions and researchers in animal health for the development of inter-institutional projects, promoting the inclusion of institutions with a strong component in basic research (Clemente Estable Institute, Faculty of Science, among others).
  • Handling of the biological material to be used during the project, so it will have to reproduce the life cycle of the hover fly (C. hominivorax), as well as manipulate embryos for microinjection tests for gene editing.
  • To develop and build a CRISPR/Cas system for the genome editing of the horsefly genome, which will be microinjected into embryos of the fly colony.
  • To evaluate the functionality of the gene editing system generated.
  • Applying for projects with external funding.
  • To contribute to the training of Master’s and PhD students, with a multidisciplinary vision, favouring solid links between students and their institutions of origin, as well as the generation of critical mass in the area of knowledge in coordination with postgraduate programmes in Uruguay.


It is a position of high dedication. The remuneration to be received is $ 140,000 (Uruguayan pesos) nominal monthly.


The duration of the position will be for two years, with the option of renewal for one year in accordance with annual performance evaluation. Probationary period of six months.

Availability for travel within and outside the country is required. Willingness to travel abroad for training for several months and then settle in INIA’s area of influence, La Estanzuela, Colonia, Uruguay.

We invite interested people to apply through this link and attach the following documents in pdf format:

a) Motivational letter (one page)
b) CV
c) Two reference letters

Deadline: 16th May, 2023.

In the event of any inconvenience that arises when completing the application form, we appreciate the sending of an email to the address:

The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo is an institution committed to promoting an organizational culture based on gender equality. The Institution adheres to Law NÂș 17.817 on the fight against racism, xenophobia, and all other forms of discrimination, and Law No. 18.104 on equal rights and opportunities between men and women.

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