Full house at “Moulin Rouge” in benefit of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

September 15, 2023

The Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra, with the participation of the Martinatto Dance Company, starred this Wednesday in the Moulin Rouge show in the main hall of the Teatro Solís, in benefit of the Institut Pastuer de Montevideo (IP Montevideo).


With a full house, more than a thousand people enjoyed the show, which evoked the ebullience and the poetry of Paris in the second half of the 19th century. The artistic presentation included musical pieces by Jacques Offenbach, Léo Delibes, Johann Strauss and Émile Waldteufel, three figures who, from operetta, ballet and ballroom dance, dominated the Parisian musical scene of those years.

To open the show, the academic director of IP Montevideo, José Badano, spoke, saying: “We thank each person who bought their ticket because their contribution will allow us to develop research projects that seek to generate knowledge that drives the progress of science.”

Badano highlighted the importance of support from donors, both companies and people, who “generously trust in the work of the institute and accompany us within the framework of our donation campaign that we call Amigos Pasteur,” he added.

Meanwhile, the first counselor of the French Embassy in Uruguay, Pierre Martínez, assured: “At the embassy, we are sensitive to how the IP Montevideo contributes to scientific knowledge”, and highlighted that the IP Montevideo “builds bridges between culture and science” through this type of activities.

In addition, before the show, a cocktail party was held, with the participation of national authorities and donors who collaborated with the event. On this occasion, the sponsors were Banco de la República (BROU), Abitab, La Banca and BlueCross & BlueShield Uruguay.

Proceeds from ticket sales and donations will be invested in financing special projects and the training of scientists at the institute in order to support research in biomedicine and animal health.