About IP Montevideo

TheInstitut Pasteur de Montevideo(IP Montevideo) is located in Mataojo 2020, in the neighborhood of MalvĂ­n Norte. The IP Montevideo shares the campus with the Faculty of Sciences and, most recently, with the Higher Institute of Physical Education (ISEF).

It was built in 2006 on an area of 23,000 m2. The building is divided into two floors: technological platforms and laboratories are located in the top floor, along with office, management and secretarial areas, as well as meeting rooms; while the ground floor includes the administrative area, smaller laboratories, meeting rooms, innovation space, and other general services.

The sanitary, electricity and thermal conditioning facilities were designed to allow great flexibility, foreseeing possible later modifications. The building is equipped with modern digital telephone systems and Internet access, as well as an alarm system and access control.

Thanks to the work carried out by the Maintenance team, IP Montevideo received a special award from the National Energy Efficiency Award, an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) in Uruguay that recognizes national projects that are outstanding at energy efficiency.

The award is recognition for the implementation of measure to reduce the consumption of hot water, incorporating efficient technology in the heating, which allowed reducing the energy consumption. (For more information about this award, click here).