Yellow Fever

Within the framework of the Pasteurizarte cycle that the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo has been developing for several years, the second meeting held this year was dedicated to yellow fever, and as usual, the subject was approached from a scientific, artistic and social perspective. But in addition to the expert talks that Pasteurizarte traditionally proposes, on this occasion a web page was also presented associated with a reproduction of the well-known painting by Juan Manuel Blanes —»An episode of the yellow fever epidemic in Buenos Aires», painted by the artist in 1871—intervened with QR codes.

The site can be accessed through and also through QR codes that accompany the reproduction of the painting.

Precisely this work is the protagonist of the new site, and the themes that are presented revolve around it, always associated with yellow fever. In this way, the website includes information from a historical point of view —about the second half of the 19th century in the Río de la Plata; about the painting, its author and the characters portrayed, and about the medicine of the time—and scientific, about the characteristics of the yellow fever virus, its form of contagion, the current situation of the virus in the region, the importance for Uruguay and vaccination.

This project was conceived so that the painting can be used in schools and high schools, which can request the work as a loan for three days to use the classroom and tackle yellow fever from different angles.

Institutions interested in receiving the painting can contact