Call 024-21: undergraduate student – Analytical Biochemistry and Proteomics Unit – IPMontevideo/IIBCE

The Analytical Biochemistry and Proteomics Unit of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo – Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable, calls for students to carry out their thesis for the completion of their undergraduate degree. Timetable to be agreed with the researcher.

Training accomplished

The search is aimed at people who have passed the 3rd year of a degree in Biological Sciences or Biochemistry, who are interested in completing their final dissertation, and who must have passed the following subjects: biochemistry, biological physicochemistry and microbiology.


Although not exclusive, experience in microbiology and biochemistry techniques (chromatographic techniques, electrophoresis, etc.) would be an asset.


The dissertation will be developed in the framework of an ongoing project that aims to study the regulation by phosphorylation of cell division in a group of bacteria (Corynebacteriales). The non-pathogenic bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum will be used as a model, but several human pathogens (C. diphteriae, Mycobacterium leprae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis) are included in the group, so the project is of important interest for human health. The selected person will develop activities that include bacterial culture, preparation of protein extracts, performance of different chromatographic strategies, mass spectrometry, use of bioinformatics tools, etc.


The position will be for a period of four months.

We invite interested persons to apply through this link by attaching, in pdf format, the following documents:

a) Motivation letter explaining the current situation and academic interests (maximum 1 page)
b) Transcript
c) Curriculum Vitae

Deadline for application: 20th March, 2023.

For inquiries:

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