Call 07-24: thesis student for Lab. of Molecular and Structural Microbiology

The Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Microbiology calls for a student to carry out her/his graduate thesis, with an hourly load to be agreed with the researcher.

Training attained

We are looking for advanced undergraduate students in careers related to biological sciences.


Although not exclusive, knowledge in microbiology and/or molecular biology would be an asset.


The thesis will be carried out within the framework of a recent line of research that seeks to understand endoflagellate-mediated motility in bacteria of the genus
Leptospira. The selected person will work under the direction of Dra. Sonia Mondino in Dr. Alejandro Buschiazzo’s group, and will join the project “Endo- or exo-: the mystery of the periplasmic localization of the flagellum in Spirochetes”. The student will learn molecular biology and microbiology techniques.


The duration of the internship will be 12 months.
We invite interested people to apply through this link and attach the following documents in pdf format:

a) Motivation letter.
b) Schooling.
c) CV.

The deadline for receipt of applications is May 3, 2024.
If you have any questions about the call, please send an e-mail to

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