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Development of nitroalkenes for the treatment of inflammation-related metabolic diseases

Rosina Dapueto, MSc


Dighiero room (IP Montevideo) / Via Zoom

1:00 pm

Computational studies of cellular fusogens and their role in eukaryogenesis

Mauricio Langleib, MSc


Conference room GF (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)

12:30 pm

Mechanobiology and renal cystic disease: Understanding the role of cilia in the development of renal cysts

Gabriel Otero, MSc


Conference room GF (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)

3:45 pm

RNA viruses as an antitumor strategy: oncolysis and immune activation

Joaquín Hurtado, MSc


Hall (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo) / Via Zoom

1:00 pm


Intestinal organoids of mammalian species as tools for the study of zoonotic diseases

Saira Cancela, Msc


Via Zoom

2:00 pm

Evaluation of the effect of mutations generated by the enzyme AID in generic regions 3′ UTR in patients with Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia

María Amparo Rico


Via Zoom

3:00 pm

Study of the expression of Tn antigen in human pancreatic cancer

Natalia Ansín


Via Zoom

10:00 am

SARS-CoV-2 molecular detection and viral inhibition strategies

Paula Perbolianachis, MSc


Via Zoom

4:30 pm