Amigos Pasteur Dinner with sponsors and donors

December 11, 2023

The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo organized this Thursday, December 7, the second annual dinner together with companies and individuals who collaborate with the institute, either through donations or as sponsors of initiatives.

During the dinner, held at the Sofitel Montevideo, the former director of the IP Montevideo, Luis Barbeito, gave a summary of the institution’s beginnings through photographs. Next, three scientists from the institute informed about their ongoing research.

Mercedes Segovia, PhD in Immunology, PhD in Medicine and researcher at the Laboratory of Immunoregulation and Inflammation of the IP Montevideo and the Department of Immunobiology at the Facultad de Medicina (Udelar), referred to the work in immunotherapy against cancer.

For her part, Magdalena Cárdenas, PhD in Biological Sciences and researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of IP Montevideo, summarized the results of a joint research with specialists from the Hospital Vilardebó and the Facultad de Química, in which she collaborated with genetic studies to improve the treatment of patients with a type of schizophrenia that does not respond to traditional treatments.

Virginia López, PhD in Chemistry, researcher at the Laboratory of Vascular Biology and Drug Development of IP Montevideo and the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Facultad de Química, also gave a presentation. In her case, she spoke about Eolo Pharma, the start-up initiated at IP Montevideo and whose drug against obesity and type 2 diabetes has already started its first clinical trial in humans.

To close the evening, the current director of the institute, Carlos Batthyány, shared the future projections for the IP Montevideo, emphasized the importance of science in Uruguay as an engine for development, and the relevance of valuing scientific knowledge.

The dinner – organized as part of the Amigos Pasteur donation campaign – aims to strengthen the support of institutions and individuals so that the institute can promote special scientific projects and the careers of young researchers.

The sponsors of the dinner were Abitab and La Banca, BROU, BSE and Cibeles (in the diamond category); BlueCross & BlueShield (in the gold category); and Estudio Damiani, Saceem, Biko, Cefa, Roche, Cencora World Courier, Ficus, Auren, Brum Costa and Asoc., and Farmashop (silver category).