BSE, BROU, La Banca and Abitab support construction of auditorium at IP Montevideo

December 20, 2023

On the 17th anniversary of its creation and with the support of Banco de Seguros del Estado (BSE), Banco República (BROU), Abitab and Bancas del Uruguay, the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo announced the construction of a new building that will enhance national and international scientific connections and provide space for businesses and outreach activities.

The auditorium and innovation cowork will occupy more than 300 m2 and will have a capacity for 200 people seated, but can also be adapted to a format with tables for workgroups. The space is expected to receive around 6,000 people per year and will be used for congresses, seminars, scientific talks, dissemination activities and work meetings that may lead to future projects.

On Friday, December 15, during the signing of the commitment for the construction of the new building, the director of the institute, Carlos Batthyány, pointed out thatfor the first time since the creation of the IP Montevideo, its capacity for growth is limited by the physical space of the main building, therefore, the new auditorium and coworking space will allow the Institute to continue to strengthen its scientific work, add congresses and networking opportunities.

In addition, Batthyány said that the auditorium takes relevance with the upcoming presentation of the first startups that will be part of the LAB+ project, consolidated thanks to the support of a group of investors who created a fund to transform scientific projects of excellence into potential science and technology-based companies that will follow the rules of the private sector.

For the president of the BSE, José Amorín Batlle, ‘it is an honor for the BSE to collaborate with such an innovative project as this institute’. ‘Supporting projects that develop society’s knowledge is of utmost importance for the bank and responds to our company’s vision’, he added.

For the president of BROU, Salvador Ferrer, the sponsorship confirms the bank’s support for science and technology. Ferrer made reference to the importance of what the head of the institute’s Board of Directors, Ricardo Pascale, promotes, regarding the relevance that the Uruguay of the future must be based on investment in science and technology and on the training of skilled human resources for that future. He also stressed that the pandemic highlighted the need for institutions such as the IP Montevideo, and emphasized that BROU’s decision to give this sponsorship is about, above all, the will to be the first option to finance future scientific-technological projects arising from the exchanges and instances that the new auditorium will provide.

Moreover, Roberto Palermo,the president of Abitab and Bancas del Uruguay, said that ‘in our companies we motivate and promote the talent of young people, innovation and creativity based on effort and perseverance. Research and science as a support to visualize trends and act with foundation, as well as the permanent exchange with the world, are in the DNA of La Banca and Abitab. The communion with these values led us to decide to support this project of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, which will allow more and more young Uruguayans to work in this way, for the good of society’.

Construction will begin in February and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024.