Call 02-22: Postgraduate thesis student – Vascular Biology and Drug Development Lab – IP Montevideo

The Vascular Biology and Drug Development Laboratory calls students to do their postgraduate thesis (master’s or doctorate), with a workload of 30 hours per week.


Training accomplished

We orient the search to people who have graduated from any of the careers of the Faculty of Chemistry or the Bachelor of Biochemistry or Biology of the Faculty of Sciences or equivalent training.


Previous experience in organic synthesis and structural elucidation, biochemical techniques, cell culture and bioassays (not exclusive) will be especially valued.


The selected person will develop their postgraduate studies within the framework of the project: “HMF in green multicomponent reactions: A route towards new bioactive molecules“. This project seeks to study the reactivity of HMF, a molecule isolated from biomass, in multicomponent reactions under green conditions and the physicochemical and biological characterization of the compounds developed in the models available in the research group. The student’s tasks may involve organic synthesis considering the principles of green chemistry; structural elucidation of organic molecules, cell culture; ELISA assays, western blot; etc.


The scholarship will have a duration of 24 months (master) or 36 months (doctorate) paid by ANII (ANII_FCE_ _1_2021_1_166400).


Interested persons can apply through this link by completing the required information and attaching the following documents in pdf format:

a) Motivation letter

b) Curriculum Vitae

c) Undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Deadline: 25th July, 2022.


If you have any questions about the call, you can direct your emails to


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